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How to set up your 'Natural Threads' Pegloom

Place all your pegs into corresponding holes on the peg loom. 

Peg Loom Instructions 001 Peg Loom Instructions 003

Lay a strip of ‘textile’ along the back of the pegs.


(Some examples of ‘textiles’ are silk ribbons, fleece, spun yarn, cotton string, packing, ribbons even VHS tape or paper!!)

Peg Loom Instructions 004

Begin to make vertical threads by using a separate textile length around each peg. Be sure to go under the back thread before you secure by tying in double knot. This ensures that the weaving will not fall off when the pegs are ...

Secure the ends of the back thread to each last vertical by tying in a double knot. Trim the surplus thread. You are now ready to start weaving. Simply tie in new lengths to the vertical or horizontal lengths as you reach the ends.

Peg Loom Instructions 005 Peg Loom Instructions 010 Peg Loom Instructions 006