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Nature provides sustainable resources with subtle hues and resilient fibres. If you have never used natural fibres, dyes and products you are in for a treat - Offering small quantities of craft supplies for your own creative discoveries. Of course they can be bought in larger quantities......Just ask. To be creative it is necessary to experiment but this need not be an expensive or environmentally destructive process. There is no need to have an abundant amount of materials left over if you decide not to pursue a creative process. Buy and experiment with only what you need! Giving more choice for your money. There is an opportunity to buy several unique,  small amounts of quality handspun threads/yarns/raw materials rather than larger amounts of one. Making an ideal resource for the professional creative textile artist too.

Working with Nature creatively. By being inspired by it to be creative and then using environmentally sustainable and friendly resources to be creative with.

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By learning a new skill, maybe reviving or adapting old skills we are able to find a unique way to express ourselves. Embark on a journey to develop our own very personal  'style' of skills. Absorb ourselves in a very personal world leaving behind or engaging fully with the world around us. Leaving a legacy, a heritage for future generations to find.  With Kits, workshops and videos that have been written with a personal informative style offering full support in a flexible style of learning that suits you.  There are a variety of skills to learn, with new ideas being added regularly. Every kit is made using eco friendly packaging and natural materials. Workshops offer flexibility with every experience being a very unique personal one.

Everyone is creative! By the 'Learning and Sharing' of Skills; both traditional and contemporary  every individuals own personal creativity can be explored.

Natural Threads

Be Creative Naturally with

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