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Nature provides sustainable resources with resilient fibres and subtle hues. Natural Threads cultivates and processes fibre and colour to provide materials for its sister company, Boddy & Cloth, a Bespoke cloth and garment label. It also offers these sustainable alternatives to you. The fibres are nutured using strong organic principles and a cradle to cradle ethos.




Being inspired to be creative naturally.  Authentically working with nature to produce unique materials from the field.

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With the introduction of Jess, Josie and Janey, beautiful angora kid goats in September 2018, Natural Threads has begun a closed production from field to yarn of sumptuous mohair. The goats are not just fibre producers, they are part of the family. Providing love and amusement here at The Textile Farm. It is a pleasure to welcome them to the team!

The Textile Farm



2019 Flax is now being grown here at The Textile Farm.